Hello dear Mozart friends,

and welcome to my own website! I am very delighted about your finding me.

Admittedly, I understand that without my famous cousin no one would care two hoots about me any more. However, since I kept all his letters at that time, of which some got unfortunately lost in the meantime - and I hope this is not to be hold against my great-nephews Karl Thomas and Franz Xaver Wolfgang - well, this way I got preserved for posterity. As I've heard though, only few of Wolfgang's countless admirers do know my story.

2018 - Again, a few SPECIAL ANNIVERSARIES this year. Have a look!

Exactly 500 years ago, the famous painter, Albrecht Dürer met and painted Emperor Maximilian who hold his very last Imperial Diet in Augsburg.
240 years ago, Wolfgang and I conducted a vivid correspondence of which Wolfgang's have been preserved in parts and are now known as "Bäsle letters".

- On March 21st, 260 years ago, my older sister, Barbara died at the very young age of merely one year.
- On April 6th, 210 years ago, my dear Mama passed away.
- On May 1st, exactly 300 years ago, my grandfather Johann Georg Mozart married his second wife, Anna Maria Sulzer.
- Soon after May 23rd, precisely 400 years ago, the horrible Thirty Years War began.
- On July 3rd, 240 years ago, my dear Aunt Anna, Wolfgang's Mama died in Paris.
- On September 25th, 260 years ago, I was born in Augsburg.
- On September 25th, 10 years ago, the memory plate was unveiled at my former home on Salzmarkt in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria.
- On October 20th, exactly 500 years ago, Martin Luther secretly sneaked out of Augsburg, after having met Cardinal Cajetan.
- On October 29th, 310 years ago, my grandfather Johann Georg Mozart married his first wife, Anna Maria Banegger, nee Peter.

And now please, make yourselves comfortable and listen to my life story. In case there might be a short moment left at the end, I would be especially happy about a kind entry in my guestbook. By the way, a click on the pictures will offer you additional information or an enlargement.
Thank you very much.

And now - have fun!

Marianne Mozartin

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