Hello dear Mozart friends,

and welcome to my own website! I am very delighted about your finding me.

Admittedly, I understand that without my famous cousin no one would care two hoots about me any more. However, since I kept all his letters at that time, of which some got unfortunately lost in the meantime - and I hope this is not to be hold against my great-nephews Karl Thomas and Franz Xaver Wolfgang - well, this way I got preserved for posterity. As I've heard though, only few of Wolfgang's countless admirers do know my story.

2017 - Anything SPECIAL this year? - Of course! Again quite a number of anniversaries. Have a look!

- On March 6, 260 years ago, my elder sister, Maria Anna Barbara Josepha was born.
- On April 19, 210 years ago, my daughter's father, Baron von Reibeld, passed away.
- On May 28, 230 years ago, my dear Uncle Leopold passed away in Salzburg.
- On July 19, we are celebrating my dear Papa Franz Alois' 290th birthday.
- On August 23rd, 470 years ago, Emperor Charles V. was visiting Augsburg and took residence in the Fugger Palais.
- On October 6, 290 years ago, my dear Mama Maria Viktoria was born.
- On October 11, 240 Jahren ago, Aunt Anna and Wolfgang were arriving in Augsburg for their famous 16 day stay.
- On November 21st, we are celebrating the 270th wedding anniversary of Uncle Leopold and Aunt Anna.
- On December 7, 280 years ago, after a major family crisis Uncle Leopold is leaving his hometown Augsburg for Salzburg.

And now please, make yourselves comfortable and listen to my life story. In case there might be a short moment left at the end, I would be especially happy about a kind entry in my guestbook. By the way, a click on the pictures will offer you additional information or an enlargement.
Thank you very much.

And now - have fun!

Marianne Mozartin

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