First Visitors from Salzburg

The first class hotel 'Die Drei Mohren' where my relatives lodged It was on June 22nd, 1763 that I met my Salzburg relatives, when Uncle Leopold, Aunt Anna, and my cousins Nannerl and Wolferl stopped off in Augsburg at the beginning of their grand European tour, which was to last three entire years in the end. They stayed at the super elegant inn," Die Drei Mohren" - see on the left - right next door to the Prince Fugger Palace. Nannerl was nearly twelve years old, Wolferl seven, whereas I was only a little girl of four.

I'm not able to recall the concerts, but I do remember Granny and Uncle Leopold having a violent argument, which was why my grandmother resolutely refused to see her grandchildren in concert. However my cousin! He was hilarious when pulling faces to me. I just couldn't stop giggling and gurgling. What a cute and funny boy!

I met him again only three years later, after he had become famous all over Europe, when Uncle Leopold finally took his family home. There was no concert this time, merely a brief family meeting. Wolferl had remained the same joker and even began getting up to all sorts of pranks plus making fun of people. Wow, how did I enjoy that! I think I fell a bit in love with him already at that time. Yes, I was sure to definitely marry him as soon as I would have grown up. Granny died a few weeks after their departure, and Uncle Leopold had been cheated out of his inheritance by her in the end.

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