Until the end of the 19th century my grave was mentioned in the Bayreuth guide book, was however remained vacant in 1901, and since then it has been nowhere to be found any more. Would anyone come today anyway in order to remember me? With what would I deserve such an attention at all? After all I was only a relative. It is he alone who deserves every honour and memory, but his grave can't be found either. We both remained without descendants in the end; his as well as my line of the Mozartean family has been extinguised. Immortal, however, remains his unique, unequalled lovely, all of us enchanting music.

Karoline Grau née Mozart
And who is this friendly lady? Just look carefully - do you notice anything? Right, she does have the Mozartean nose and eyebrows. And is nobody else than my great-great-grandniece Karoline Grau, née Mozart, the great-great-granddaughter of our cousin Michael Cölestin, in the young age of 70. This certain resemblance with myself is indeed amazing. How is that possible, after so many generations? Well, this way you can now get at least an rough idea of old Bäsle. She and I share not only the aspect of the resemblance, but also the birthday. Born in 1884, unfortunately remaining childless, the last blood relative of Wolfgang and me died 1965, aged 80.

The memorial plaque at the old Postei In the 1960's, the German Mozart Society under its president, Herr Dr. Wegele, decided to put up a memorial plaque of - yes! - of me at my last home, the old Postei and unveiled it in a small ceremony on February 6th, 1965. See left side. As if this wasn't enough honouring yet, on November 10th, 1991 another one got unveiled, this time at the main gate of the municipal cemetery, you can see it on the photo below, and in the evening - just imagine! - in the evening Wolfgang's last work, the grand Requiem was performed in my honour, and of course in his as well, in the palace church. Quelle honneur formidable - 150 years after my death. Herr Dr.Wegele, by the way, also honoured me by writing a small book about my humble life.

The memorial plaque on the municipal cemetery So the Postei in Bayreuth is still there, even though its inside got newly structured as a result of bombing in World War II. In Augsburg, however, there are no traces of my existence whatsoever, the house on Jesuitengasse was destroyed by bombs on February 22, 1944, my daughter's birthday, of all days. The Church of Heilig Kreuz sustained heaviest damage, and even the Cathedral, although having escaped to a large extent, isn't the same any more as it was in my time, when its inside was still entirely decorated in the baroque style. By the way, the undestroyed "Mozarthaus" on Frauentorstrasse has nothing to do with me. It is mainly a memorial of my Uncle Leopold who was born there by chance. One house however has been preserved, No.4 Frauentorstrasse, the residency of the Canon Baron of Reibeld, but that has not much to do with me either. Or has it? Well, I never!

And now listen about the amazing things that have happened recently.

In 2008 and in honour of my 250th birthday, something remarkable took place in Kaufbeuren. On Frau Helga Ilgenfritz's initiative, the council of the town where I had spent the shortest period of time in my long life, had put up a plaque. Precisely on my birthday and, of course, at the former post office at Salzmarkt 5, that beautiful and thankfully undestroyed building, within a minor celebration with music and speech and in the presence of quite some notabilities. Even the Bavarian TV station was attending. If only dear Frau Master Pastry Cook Schropp knew that later on our infamous carriage ride of 1812 to Marktoberdorf was recreated!

Memorial plaque Augsburg
And two years ago - you would hardly believe it - my hometown where I had lived many a bitter moment, was recalling of me. At last. The historian and authoress, Frau Dr. Martha Schad was able to induce the Augsburg Municipal Council to honour the formerly inglorious Mozart-Bäsle with an artistic bronze plaque. The ceremony took place in fairest weather on my birthday first in the Hofgarten park, once more with music and address. A charming young lady in a fantastic historically authentic garment portrayed myself. Following, the plaque was unveiled at the new senior citizens home complex, Jesuitengasse 24, near the space where my home had stood until 1944, under attendance of numerous guests of honour and upright townsfolk.

Yes, I am touched. It is moving me deeply to get honoured in so many ways and after so many decades, even two centuries. What would Wolferl say about it after all?

"Everybody loves you, my sweet darling cousin, you see!"

God bless you, dear people!

First picture by courtesy of Brigg Verlag Augsburg

Well, that's where my story ends, and I do hope you have enjoyed yourselves, so that you have been able to get to know me a little better, and that Wolfgang's Bäsle will now become more to you than a somewhat mysterious person who just happened to be the recipient of the most unusual letters in the history of music, ja?

Again, very many thanks for visiting my website, it honours me exceptionally.

De tout mon coeur,

Marianne Mozartin

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