My Parents

My dear Mama, Maria Viktoria, born on Oct 6th, 1727 in Höchstädt an der Donau, was a daughter of the master bookbinder Johann Michael Eschenbach. Franz Aloys Mozart, my Papa, came into the world as fifth of nine children of Johann Georg Mozart and Anna Maria, my pugnacious grandmother, in Augsburg on July 19, 1727. Probably everyone knows his oldest brother, my Uncle Leopold. It's not very difficult to guess how my parents met. They took the marriage vows on January 7, 1754 at the Augsburg Cathedral.
The Jesuitengasse, my home for more than 30 years Papa was not only a master bookbinder, a profession represented several times within the family - both grandfathers and my uncles Ignaz and Christian were also bookbinders - but a case craftsman as well. He was very diligent and always busy. At the same time, additionally to that he carried services out as doorman and caretaker at the St.Josephi College of Education right next door. My grandfather's workshop, which was part of the house on the Jesuitengasse, Papa had taken over early after his death. Grandma, by the way, lived with us - or did we with her?!
The picture shows the Jesuitengasse, my home until the late 1780's. Our house is the third from last on the right side. And in the background you can see the Heilig Kreuz monastery.
Uncle Leopold's famous Violin-School Picture by courtesy of Daisy Brambletoes In 1756, Papa took on bookbinding works and occasionally also the sales of Uncle Leopold's just published and later very famous "Violin-School". An original copy bound by Papa is currently to be seen at the excellent exhibition at the Tanzmeisterhaus on Makartplatz in Salzburg. All their lives both brothers got along well with each other and were in regular touch beyond business. I, too, corresponded with my uncle in Salzburg over quite some years.

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