Once upon a Time in Augsburg

My life did not begin particularly like in a fairy tale when I came into the world at my father's house on the Jesuitengasse on September 25, 1758. According to the established custom I was baptized Maria Anna Thekla the very same day, in the High Cathedral actually, to the parish of which we belonged. All my life though I was called Marianne.
My portrait, made in late 1777 Picture by courtesy of Brigg Verlag Augsburg I was the third of five daughters, but unfortunately none of my sisters outlived early childhood. So I remained alone although I did have a younger brother - but shh! That's Papa's secret. Nevertheless my childhood was anything but lonely, I had many playmates and a large number of cousins. Still nothing spectacular is to be reported, everything was quite normal so far.

This portrait of me as a nineteen-year-old with the traditional golden lace cap, has remained the only preserved one, thanks to my cousin and his family. Some of you will know it since it is the one I sent to Wolfgang in Mannheim in late 1777. The resemblance? Well, let's put it this way, I couldn't afford the really good portrait painters, that's why I had it made by a drawing student of Herr Mertens, Principal of the Academy. Yet I find it quite a good picture of me. And Wolfgang's tiny additions are only amusing me.

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