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A plenty of highly interesting information about my beloved hometown. Learn about its 2,000-year-old history, and explore places of interest. What is happening on the Rathausplatz with City Hall and Perlachtower? Or do you want to walk around town with a (German) "chatting Bäsle"? You may also fill in "Mozart" in the search engine on top. - This site is for all those who wish to learn more about this splendid city.

Bäsle Letters

Of course, these mustn't be left out, and I don't want them no way withhold from you either, since they are no longer private anyway. Out of fourteen letters to me, today only nine have been preserved, or are at least known. It is those you can read here in the German original, and find a facsimile. But don't ask me what was written in the missing ones - after so many years I have it simply forgotten. - Available in German only.


Even if my presence in the city of Bayreuth is a latent one these days, a visit to this old, margravial residence is absolutely worthwhile, and this not only due to Richard Wagner. Of all attractions I have always got most impressed by the gorgeous old Margravial Opera House - by the interior to be precise.

Margravine Wilhelmine of Bayreuth

Profoundly dedicated to the favourite sister of King Frederick the Great, a versatile and highly talented princess whose work remarkably characterized the city of Bayreuth. For example, she created the very last, in the original remaining magnificent baroque opera-house which I so love and which has recently been applied for the UNESCO World-Heritage. - A remarkable site!

Mozart Ways

Mozart on the road. This highly professional site leads us to nearly all places Wolfgang ever travelled to or through. Europewide! The towns and cities are getting introduced and put into relation to Mozart. Very instructive and fascinating, particularly the interactive maps. And yet, apart from all the information, please do keep in mind what an ordeal travelling basically was in the 18th century!

Mozart's Favorite Sister-In-Law, Sophie Weber-Haibl

A vivid site of both fiction letters and diary of Wolfgang's youngest sister-in-law, including links to further sites about Sophie's family. - Charming, entertaining and informative. A must!

Prechtls Welttheater

Five pricelessly disrespectful watercolour paintings by Michael Mathias Prechtl, perfectly following the infamous style of Wolfgang's letters to me. Among others, there is mon cousin in unusual posing - not recommended for oversensitive characters! -, little me, as well as the Weber ladies in Mannheim. - Highly recommended, however merely for people with a good sense of humour. The text is available only in German. A fantastic discovery tour about W.A.Mzt!

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