Last Meeting

The first Augsburg performance of one of Wolfgang's operas took place on May 1st, 1780. The German version of "La Finta Giardiniera" got enthusiastically celebrated in the Theatre on the River Lauterlech, called the "Komödienstadl", for "Good Lord! After all, this Mozart is half an Augsburger anyway!"

The inn 'Weisses Lamm' on the right side It took two entire years until I met this Mozart again, and that was the hell not easy for me. In Munich he had just finished and very successfully premiered his latest opera, "Idomeneo", and had also joined the carnival together with father and sister, when all three of them honoured us with a three-day visit in early March 1781. Again rooms were taken at the inn "Weißes Lamm" (on the right side in the drawing). Sure, stories were told all night long, and we also laughed a lot. Yet it was no longer the same as in the past. I was happy, and was not, even felt biased - no wonder - and a bitter wistfulness entered my heart. They also visited their friends at the Heilig Kreuz Monastery where, much to the enthusiasm of the Fathers, Wolfgang and Nannerl played together on two pianofortes. It was the very last time I saw them all. When they left - uncle and Miss Cousin for Salzburg, Monsieur le Cousin for Vienna - my heart was so sore again. I still loved him, would do for ever.

It wasn't very long until I began hearing all kinds of stories and gossip, like his break-up with the Archbishop or, he would already be living in the parental home of his new sweetheart, nothing but these sort of things. It was in this very context when I heard of the singer Aloysia Weber for the first time, and began suspecting what kind of game Wolfgang had played with me in Munich. Had I been meant to become his witness in the end?! Had that been the "big role" he had destined for me? I see! And since she had rejected him, his Bäsle was all he just needed, second quality so to speak. That was when I blew my top. Never ever before in my life I had felt humiliated and betrayed like this. His reply to my letter was gruff, and on top of all that he wanted me as errand girl for these Webers. That was definitely too much. Enough is enough. And then, well, and then I quit writing to him. It just wouldn't do any more. Our friendship was over. I never met him again.

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Picture by courtesy of Brigg Verlag Augsburg

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